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Quotes This is in regards to my last birthday party in Dearborn, Michigan. I am hoping they will leave a testimonial but here goes. The party was for twin boys, who both got a pair of Hulk Fists. Upon completion of the first Hulk fist, the younger, by one minute, exclaimed out loud "Punch me in the face!" I am there to entertain, not to abuse the birthday boys. I gave him a light tap and he said hit me harder. After he had said that, most of the guests wanted to get hit by the fist. I let them have all the fun they wanted. I made 5 fists that day. In total they got 5 fists and 1 wacky racer. That was the best party ever. I will never forget that one. Quotes
Howie Da Balloon Guy
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Quotes Absolutely Amazing!! Howie is not only wonderful with kids, but his balloon twisting skills are incredible. We will be inviting him back time and time again! Thank you so much!! Quotes
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Dorsey Schools, Saginaw, MI

Quotes Just had the best time watching Howie da Balloon Guy do his amazing thing with balloon twisting. Can't imagine how much time and effort it took to develop this fantastic art. I would highly recommend him for any need for advanced balloon twisting. Quotes