Balloons I have twisted. Balloons I have twisted. Modified hat This is my modified birthday hat (Thanks Lincoln, a.k.a. Madhatter) This is the hat for birthday package #3 134743991 Twins I am still practicing on making faces. 134743988 Hi Max Where is Maxine? 138977970 Balloon engineering book One of the feats I accomplished reading a book of balloon engineering. 134743984 Making money Now who says you can't make money with balloons. 134743986 Even bigger hat This hat used about 46 balloons including breakage and repairs. 134743990 Thank you Lincoln This hat is from a dvd that I bought and now use a modified version of this hat for one of my birthday hats. 134743982 My Delta college counselor Check out the two binkys (pacifiers) she has. 134743987 Fuzzy's Ice Cream parlor I have twisted balloons at Fuzzy's and others. If you love ice cream, this hat is for you. 134743983 "Rattle" snake I have to thank Andrew MacDonald for teaching me his snake. I'm not sure who to thank for teaching me the rattle. I found it on the floor at the Twist and Shout balloon convention in Oak Brook Ill. 2010 134743992 UFS Unidentified Flying Snowman 134745022 Birthday fun My birthday hat and a paciier. 134743989 My little cousins hat Her birthday hat 136614745 another top hat Who is that handsome devil? 136614750 "The not quite yet patented Wally's thing in Flint Hat" The name (a little long) says it all 136614746 another hat 136614747 Happy Birthday Tony's in Shields 136614748 My two best feet Feet I twisted for the last supper 136614749 My first 6' tall pink flamingo Twist and Shout 2010 136614752 another top hat This hat was made by me at Twist and Shout "2010" 136614753 another hat 136614754 another bigger hat 136614755 more hats 136784063 tall hat 136784064 twins 136784065 A rainbow "Somewhere under the rainbow" 138977964 The little alien using the alien heads i bought 138977965 IT'S A DOUBLE RAINBOW! ! ! What does it mean? 138977966 (many tears) IT'S A TRIPLE RAINBOW 1.5X better than the double rainbow 138977967 small balloon purse 136784062 stick out your tongue 138977969 Hi Maxine Here is Maxine... 138977971 Nice car... Nice driver. 138977972 Close up of the driver 138977973 Hey, wern't you in the vette? 138977974 Six point buck 138977975 Do you know him? If you think you know him, leave a comment with his name in it. I had to twist a "Red Dog beer" for him. 185094609 Hat and julk fist 196009374 196009375 Golden dragon 196009376 Posing with hulk fists 196009377 Birthday cake 196009378 Da balloon guy and Da pumpkin man 196009379 Wacky racer and hulk fist 196009380 196009381 196009382 Don't text and drive 196009383 Spiderman super suit 196009384 Boss man with hulk fists 196009385 196009386 Batman super suit 196009387 196009388 Wacky racer 196009389 Santa Claus See I knew he was real. He stands about 6' 10" tall. 204189131