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A little about me...

I have been twisting balloons for over 20 years.  I have  learned from some of the best twisters out there and have modified some of what I have learned from dvd's or book's.  Some of the restaurants I have twisted at are Bringer Inn (they gave me my start twisting in restaurants), Fuzzy's (usually have twisted there on Sunday's).  I have twisted balloons for Friday Night Live both in Saginaw and Traverse City.

I have twisted balloons as far: East in Cambridge Ontario, Canada; North in Traverse City; South in Detroit; and West in Chicago.  I hope to extend the east direction to say I have twisted in New York (hopefully soon)...

Balloon twister "Somewhat Extraordinare"


I am able to twist for your birthday party, corporate event, family gathering, or whatever event you have that you would like to see smiling faces at.

Check out some of the photos of balloons I have learned, twisted, or modified.

Check out the links for other areas regarding balloons, arches, clowns, magicians, stilt walkers, jugglers, accessories, or anything balloon related.

Check out the places I have twisted/entertained at in the forums section of this page.

For most twisting the rate is $150.00/2 hours or $100.00/1 hour.


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Contact Me

 You can call me at

989-598-3584 Cell

989-792-7348 Message


Email me at

[email protected]

I accept all donations.  If you forgot to tip or just want to help out.  Please click the link.

I am now able to process the following credit cards for payment through Paypal:

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  • "Absolutely Amazing!! Howie is not only wonderful with kids, but his balloon twisting skills are incredible. We will be inviting him back time and time again! Thank you so much!!"
    Friends and Family
    Dorsey Schools, Saginaw, MI
  • "This is in regards to my last birthday party in Dearborn, Michigan. I am hoping they will leave a testimonial but here goes. The party was for twin boys, who both got a pair o..."
    Howie Da Balloon Guy
    Website owner
  • "Just had the best time watching Howie da Balloon Guy do his amazing thing with balloon twisting. Can't imagine how much time and effort it took to develop this fantastic art. ..."